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Some info on my OCs

They all live in a place named "Moonside Valley" but another key location that will be mentioned at one point is a city named Sweethill.

Pepper: Soft, jolly and naive, mostly likes to talk to his friends and people he cares about like Monara, and his boyfriend, Strag. He owns a magical amulet that throughout history manifested via people's dreams.

Strag: Has strong anger issues but Pepper helps him calm down when angered. Outside of his bf, he primarily spends time with Monara, she's his best friend but he doesn't want her to be satisfied by that knowledge so he never under any circumstances would admit to it. He had a very caring and good mother, because of that, he has a lot of respect for mothers and makes sure to keep his emotions in check when speaking to one.

Monara: She's sassy and enjoys using her sass to mess with people, but she will help out her friends if asked. She owns a magical shop named "Monara’s Magic Mansion" where she primarily sells gag items but also actual magical artefacts. She knows how to cast a few magic spells that her talking book Jeffery was willing to teach her. Has a crush on Mira. She is absolutely terrified of Ontropius so she chooses not to mess with him.

Mira: Playful and active, but motherly. She used to be a thief in the 1600s due to poverty, but she got overconfident once, resulting in her becoming an immortal insect-like mutant. The effects of the mutation have been undone during modern times thanks to Pepper's amulet, however, patches of green pigment remain on her skin, but are much softer than her regular skin. Before getting into a relationship with Ontropius, she went on few dates with Monara, though they were never officially dating.

Ontropius: He has a tough exterior, but is actually very soft and emotional. He's somehow very good at video games, Souls-likes being his favourite. Back when Mira was first mutated, he was assigned by his father, King Lael II, to guard a magical gate to make sure Mira would not enter it if she were to arrive, he was given an immortality potion to be able to guard the portal for as long as he needs to. The effects of the potion were also nullified by Pepper's amulet meaning that from that point his ageing would continue as normal.

Ayil: She's strong and supportive, is the tallest out of all of my OCs. In the 1600s, Alongside her girlfriend, Violet, she worked as muscles for a secret organisation named "The Midnight Star" which wished to abolish Monarchy in the land and establish Democracy. She started doing work at around 17 due to money problems in her family. She carries around a flintlock pistol loaded with only the powder to scare off any violent opposition.

Violet: Timid and anxious, but generally joyful, she joined The Midnight Star after Ayil has been working for it for about 2 years. She had a rough time growing up as her father died of an eye infection when she was only 5 and her mother became abusive, some of that abuse leading to her developing claustrophobia. To cope she would often meditate and practice martial arts, that skill coming useful for her job. She chose to not wear any proper footwear to stay as least lethal in combat as possible. During an encounter, she and Ayil got themselves trapped inside a magical ring, that ring would find its way being pawned off to the remaining caretakers of Lael's castle, where it would be kept in his treasury before being found centuries later by Ontropius exploring the castle.

Clair: Mostly non-verbal towards the majority of people, except his parents and his best friend, Opal. He's Pepper and Strag's biological son because of amulet magic. No one can really tell his gender just by looking at him because his face is covered most of the time and his clothes are extremely baggy. His lack of communication skills with strangers caused him to feel lonely most of the time. At first, he didn't actually talk to Opal but he did take a strong, platonic, liking to her. Opal noticed it, and to ease him into communication, she first suggested that he would use a whiteboard where he would draw and write his thoughts and feelings until he became comfortable enough to talk to her.

Opal: Outgoing and good with people, she's Mira's and Ontropius' daughter. Due to the closeness of their families, she was able to meet Clair who she took a strong interest in and wanted to get to know him better.

Roxi: She's generally pretty chill to be around and is very protective of her sister, Maya. She's Violet and Ayil's biological daughter from both sides, once again because of amulet Magic. She's lesbian but she hasn't got a partner yet so I can't just casually mention her dating someone of the same gender in this part.

Maya: She's very joyful and talkative but she has to be approached first. Similar to her sister, she doesn't have that much interesting lore surrounding her besides the fact that both of them are friends with Opal and Clair struggles to talk to them.

Byron: A posh guy who thinks he's superior to most, except King Lael II and the rest of Lael's family, because of that, he is prone to using others and committing crimes as he thinks he's entitled to do so. He became a mutant by choice but as he was part of the court, his mutations were covered by a mask and gloves. He took care of the government when Lael went missing before the weakness was exploited by The Midnight Star resulting in a new government being formed, making Sweethill its Capital, whilst the old palace where Lael II used to reside is now mostly left barren with Ontropius guarding the portal located inside and Byron living in the underground tunnels of the palace.